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About us

Karitco is focusing on give you the most creative and stylish products about daily life and personal interesting. From handmade bookmarks to retro family albums, even zipper bags and phone sleeves, Karitco is providing a handmade but simple lifestyle. Choose the way of live easier, and choose more simple with us.

Choose a easier way to live, Find the sense of gifts. Don't forget entertaining essentials, festive flair, and do-it-yourself crafts for the important people in your life. Browse our carefully chosen unique gifts, find fashionable, simple and exquisite gifts, or simply peruse our unusual collection of handmade, creative and organic gifts for your loved ones. Whether luxury or every day, our products offer premium quality and craftsmanship from the best sources. Karitco is giving you the best gifts for every occasion, every theme and every day. Eclectic and sophisticated, yet fun and fresh, our well-priced fashion gifts assortment keeps the options endless and entirely yours.